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Educational Assistance Through Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsor Opportunities

Join the ranks of other Corporate Sponsors at EATS XXX Saturday, March 2, 2013!  This year, the EATS event offers an opportunity to individuals, businesses and corporations to support the EATS effort in an especially meaningful way. The four levels of sponsorship have been created, each providing a variety of incentives to the donor depending on their level of support. Some sponsorships levels enable the donor to create a named scholarship at UWMC.

1. A donor may establish a named scholarship such as:
 Name of a corporation
 Name of a family
 Name of an individual

2. Donors may specify certain criteria such as:
 One or more students from a particular high school
 One or more students interested in a particular career path
 One or more students with an outstanding academic record
 One or more students with particular financial need
 Or, other criteria

3. Sponsorship levels are as follows:
 President's Gold - $5000+
 Chancellor's Silver - $2500-$4999
 Dean's Bronze - $1000-$2499
 Community Partner - $500-$999
 Event Leader - $300-$499

In-kind gifts that help boost the EATS event net profit, to any of the sponsorship levels, may be considered if the item is such that it is usually purchased for the event without the donation.

Sponsors will be prominently noted in the EATS event program and at the event. Other promotion varies on sponsorship level. The links below are PDF files providing more detail on sponsorship opportunities.
Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities - Printable Corporate Sponsorship Form

Sponsors are invited to attend the UWMC "Scholar's Eve" awards ceremony to present their scholarships.

Contact the UWMC Foundation at 715 261-6280 or  for further information or to contribute.